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What Does a DevOps Engineer Do? A Career Guide

Before DevOps, the development, testing, and support departments worked in separate areas. As a result, there were potential gaps and the problem increased significantly. The condition worsened when different people were in charge of the same tasks. Such barriers were significant causes of misunderstandings, miscommunications, and conflicts in setting priorities. Besides, these individual processes also hurt productivity, which makes customers unhappy.

what does devops engineer do

At Simplilearn, we have developed comprehensive DevOps skill development programs to upskill future engineers. This table compares various DevOps programs offered by Simplilearn, based on several key features and details. The table provides an overview of the courses’ duration, skills you will learn, additional benefits, among other important factors, to help you make an informed decision about which course best suits your needs. The video below will help you understand the basics of DevOps, who is a DevOps engineer and career roadmap for a DevOps engineer.

What Does a DevOps Engineer Do?

Familiarizing yourself with GitOps enables benefits such as allowing you to automate Kubernetes deployments, saving you time and effort. This guide provides comprehensive information about the roadmap to career development as a DevOps engineer, the technology involved, and the skills required for performing a DevOps engineer’s responsibility. In dynamic testing, also called black-box testing, software is tested without knowing its inner functions. In DevSecOps this practice may be referred to as dynamic application security testing (DAST) or penetration testing. The goal is early detection of defects including cross-site scripting and SQL injection vulnerabilities.

According to 2021 research, the average salary for a DevOps Engineer in the United States is around $120,000 that, with additional cash compensation, can reach a total $140,000 for an experienced engineer. We’re the world’s leading provider of how to become a devops engineer enterprise open source solutions—including Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes. We deliver hardened solutions that make it easier for enterprises to work across platforms and environments, from the core datacenter to the network edge.


You’ll manage and deliver cloud-based applications and services and the infrastructure that supports them. This collection of content will provide you with the knowledge and skills to implement DevOps processes when developing and deploying applications on Azure. A cohesive team and a solid understanding https://remotemode.net/ of the tools, best practice, and processes needed to create and deliver software and services at large scale is key to successful DevOps implementation. While code automation has had much written about and implemented, infrastructure automation is newer so it bears a deep size.

  • If you’re looking at hiring a DevOps engineer or DevOps team, it’s therefore super important to factor this cost into your investment.
  • The third possible career path is to transition out of DevOps into a related field, such as software development, business analysis, or product management.
  • Because we believe teams should work the way they want, rather than the way vendors want.
  • At the same time, they make the DevOps engineer responsible for the essential parts of continuous integration and deployment.

Organizations rely on their DevOps engineers for guidance and leadership across their entire app development lifecycle. Although many DevOps engineers begin their careers as software developers or as IT management professionals, they usually also pick up new skills, methodologies, and strategies from other similar disciplines along the way. Because of this, DevOps engineers are often some of the most seasoned professionals in their organization and it can take many years for DevOps engineers to acquire all the skills they need to be successful. Organizations are increasingly supplementing or replacing manual testers with the software development engineer in test (SDET) role. The SDET focuses on testing new application code before its release into production.

What Does a Machine Learning Engineer Do? Role Overview & Skill Expectations

The  DevOps Institute Certification Exam will test your knowledge of DevOps concepts and practices. You’ll discover that many resources are available to help you prepare, including online courses, study guides, and practice exams. You can also use the free resources, such as certification exam overviews and sample questions. With proper preparation, you can pass the exam and receive your certification.

what does devops engineer do

This is critical to the success of continuous testing, where automated tests are run. They work on a team with other specialists who do similar jobs most of the time. They test product functionality and ensure that security features are integrated into the product development cycle. If your organization is large enough (and busy enough) to justify a team of DevOps engineers, you might want to look for people with special interest in some of the areas listed above rather than hiring a team of generalists. This might not require full-fledged code, but a good knowledge of mid-level scripting is often very helpful. DevOps, as a term, comes from the smashing together of ‘development and operations’ to create a more-or-less self-explanatory term.

DevOps Tools & Services

He has to juggle multiple roles in order to do justice to the position that is assigned to him. This DevOps Arc You will work on real-world projects to get hands-on experience in this domain, which will help you become a certified DevOps Architect. A DevOps professional should be well-versed with the aspect of virtualization since he/she has to take charge of the entire process of virtualizing servers and other components. They should know that DevOps change involves talking with stakeholders, being aware of business goals, assessing and finding places to improve, and being driven by collaboration. They are responsible for the implementation of end-to-end DevOps strategies in product development. They are also responsible for identifying ways of improving the existing architecture.